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Mini Mani Rescue Kit Manicure Set (5 piece)


A travel friendly kit of mini manicure essentials. Perfectly packed in a gorgeous faux leather travel case. 



Duplex Buffer - to smooth and shine nails.

Mini Hoof Stick - to keep cuticles in top shape.

Mini Travel Crystal Nail File - the must-have 'award winning' nail file. Double-sided.

Curved Nail Clippers - to easily clip hang nails & trim length. 


Mini Mani Rescue Kit Manicure Set (5 piece)

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How to Use:

Use the curved clippers to trim nails before filing or remove any hang nails.

Then, use the mini travel crystal nail file to file the nails into the desired shape and and help seal the edges of the nails.

Gently push back and tidy the cuticles using the mini hoof stick.

Finally, buff and shine the nail plate using the double sided buffer.

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