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Discover Me Nail Polish Gift Set - Stunning in Silver (3x5ml)

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Set worth £19.50 - saving over 20%*

A stunning collection of three 5ml nail polishes - shades include Twinkle Twinkle, Winter Garden and Whatever. Perfect for gifting or keeping all to yourself!

Twinkle Twinkle is a super sparkly polish adorned with multicoloured holographic hues which can be worn alone or over your favourite colour.

Winter Garden is a bold raspberry pink.

Whatever is a dreamy shade of lilac with a hint of mauve in a gorgeous glossy finish.



*vs individual RSPs

Polish like a pro...
Ensure nail tips are smooth and even in length/shape and the nails are clean, dry and free from any oily residue.  Apply Base Coat to the nail and allow to dry.  
Apply two thin coats of colour over the base rather than just one thick coat.  This helps reduce chipping and extend wear time.  Wipe one side of the brush on the neck of the bottle so it holds just enough to cover one nail. (Never overload the brush with colour) Present the brush to the nail about 2 mm away from the cuticle then push the brush towards the cuticle before making the sweep back towards the tip, usually 3 swipes will cover the nail, don't forget to 'slightly swipe' and seal the tips of the nails with colour.  Ideally, finish with Topcoat to add shine and to seal and protect the colour, don't forget to also swipe the tips with topcoat to extend the wear time.  
Tidy any mistakes or stray polish from the cuticles with the LD Corrector Set.  Dip the brush into the bottle and touch the brush on a tissue to remove any excess liquid then use the brush like an eraser to remove and tidy polish mistakes.  For the fastest finish, either drip Fast Dry Drops or Fast Dry Spray over the finished nails to help greatly speed up drying time.

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