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The RENOVATE Nail Facial

May 20, 2024
Written by Rachael Metcalfe

Don't put up with damaged, poor-quality nails and unsightly cuticles… RENOVATE them! Like a deeply nourishing, smoothing, rejuvenating facial for your nails, our intense nail repair therapy trio includes all you need to transform and revive dry, dull, ridged, flaky, ageing and unhealthy looking nails, leaving them hydrated, smooth, shiny and in tip-top condition with Leighton's ‘skincare for nails’ mantra!

The RENOVATE Nail Facial HOW TO:

  • Step 1: EXFOLIATE

Start with Renovate Cream and Duplex Buffer. Use the Duplex Buffer surface 1 ‘Refine’ to exfoliate and smooth nails. (Only do this step once, every 2 – 3 months).


Massage a small dot of the intense and cosmetically super-concentrated therapeutic RENOVATE Cream into the nail surface and cuticles. Panthenol and Bio-Active Glass strengthen and repair dry, damaged, ridged, flaky nails, whilst Glycerin, Avocado Oil and Rice Bran Oil deeply moisturise, restore and revive.

  • Step 3: SEAL & SHINE

Use the Duplex Buffer surface 2 ‘Shine’ to really work the RENOVATE cream into the nail. Buff briskly across the nail to create a soft shine and seal the nail surface.

  • Step 4: PROTECT

Allow 4 hours for the oils to penetrate before applying the RENOVATE Shield. Apply one coat as a treatment base coat, or two coats as a treatment alone.

  • Step 5: NOURISH

Finish with your RENOVATE Cuticle Oil. Apply on and around the cuticle and massage in until fully absorbed. You can never over-moisturise nails, so use as often as desired to keep cuticles, soft, nourished and healthy.