I'm so happy! Just found out that my Sun Believable FACE and CREAM ME have both won Beauty Bible Awards! Thank you to the readers who trialled the products and voted. Here are their comments: 

Award-winning CREAM ME body moisturiser. 

Judge 1: 

‘Top marks. I instantly felt that my skin looked softer, radiant and more hydrated after applying it. The rough patches behind the elbow and on knees were almost gone. My skin felt nourished and young and there was no itchiness or dryness anywhere. I felt more suppleness and moisture in my skin. The fine lines, cellulite and stretch marks were less visible. The scent of the moisturiser is gorgeous almost good enough to eat. There is a subtle coconut oil scent in it’. 

Judge 2:

‘After using it for a couple of weeks, my skin has shown such amazing improvement. I do not need to use moisturiser all the time to keep the softness and suppleness of my skin for longer. My skin feels soft and hydrated all the time even after the shower when I have not applied any moisturiser. I need less tanning product because my skin feels so healthy and radiant. All the flaws I used to be concerned about are diminishing day by day’. 

Judge 3: 

‘This cream was a delight to use, I absolutely loved the quick application - the cream nourishes my dry skin, resulting in it looking and feeling younger! I would savour every application! I call it my magic cream because it immediately brought my dry scaly skin back to life, leaving it silky smooth and moisturised!   A little goes a long way. A joy to use rather than a chore! I will buy more and recommend to everyone’. 

Judge 4

‘This is probably my favourite body cream so far.  It has a lovely light fresh fragrance, sinks in beautifully and leaves your skin feeling so smooth.  The packaging was very smart and gave you easy access to all the product.    I can't stress enough how easy this product absorbed, my clothes slipped on easily afterwards and didn't stick’. 

Judge 5 

‘My family and friends gave me compliments on how hydrated and nourished my skin looks and feels. At the end of the testing period, my skin is really soft and smooth with no more dryness and flaking.’


Award-winning FACE with Youth Glow Technology©

Judge 1: 

‘Top marks for this gel/lotion, which I applied overnight for a lovely glow in the morning. The colour is very even and natural and very good for my medium skin tone. It’s very moisturising. I loved this product and the healthy look it gave me. The fade was even but I do exfoliate regularly, which would have helped. I prefer this to my usual tanning product (drops) and wouldn't hesitate to buy it’.  

Judge 2: 

‘Wonderful. I would 100% buy this product and have already recommended to so many people because it delivers such believable and flattering results! I absolutely love the healthy glow it gives, rather than the dreaded orange shade. The formula is tinted which gives an immediate glow and helpful for application. The full colour takes about 3-4 hours to develop into a natural sun-kissed tan. The extra little colour and radiance boosted my confidence and I found I didn't need to wear any extra makeup on my skin! A very nice surprise indeed and I will certainly continue to use regularly’. 

Judge 3

‘I did like this product, which I tested over the whole summer. It’s very easy to use even if you are a self-tan novice like me. It left my skin sun-kissed without looking orangey and no darker or lighter patches at all. I did need a moisturiser as well as I have very dry skin; that worked a treat. It is free of parabens, alcohol and synthetic fragrance and contains some amazing oils like jojoba, black cumin and virgin plum’. 

Judge 4: 

‘Light creamy product that left me with a lovely natural tan. A few friends on the school run commented that I looked well! It gives a very flattering even colour and faded evenly. The slight fake tan smell disappeared quickly once it was on the skin. It did feel moisturising.’ 

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Thanks for reading my blog, 

Leighton x