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Discover Me Confidence Collection Fragrance Trio (3 x 2ml)

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Introducing our Confidence Collection Fragrance Try Me pack so that you can discover all three fragrances.


Following on from the huge success of the award-winning Light & Dark fragrance collection, Leighton has created the Confidence collection – an enticing trio of vegan fragrances to Embrace, Encourage and Inspire, making you feel confident in everything you do. 


Inspire - a modern floriental fragrance inspired by Leighton’s Light & Dark “original” fragrance.

Encourage - a warm, sensual, woody fragrance that will encourage confidence from your first spritz.

Embrace - a timeless fruity floral fragrance that envelops you in a fresh, succulent floral scent.



Inspire EDP 2ml, Encourage EDP 2ml & Embrace EDP 2ml 


THE ART OF APPLICATION - Applying perfume is the simplest of matters - just simply spray. Avoid rubbing the wrists together after application to prevent ‘crushing’ the scent. Apply on pulse points: below earlobes, inside elbows, back of knees, ankles, base of neck, inside wrists. Other good places to apply are in cleavage, on shoulders and back of the neck at the hairline.

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