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Trio Miracle Buffer

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Transform dull-looking nails in an instant! 

Ridges on the nails don't look good on anyone and they are like 'nail wrinkles' and deepen with age.

This 3-in-1 nail buffer smooths ridges, brightens the nail surface and creates a natural shine.  


It's simple and easy to use, as each surface is clearly marked with its function.

With Side 1, Buff Ridges; lightly buff from side to side across the nail to smooth ridges and remove light discolouration. Use this surface on new nail growth that has not been buffed previously.

Using Side 2, Smooth Nail; refine the nail further – a few strokes should leave the nail smooth and even.

Finish with Side 3, Miracle Shine; to bring the nail to a glossy, healthy-looking shine.

Always buff nails from side to side across the nail. When using the buffer for the first time, use all three sides. Thereafter use Side 1 on new nail growth only, Side 2 every 2-3 weeks and Side 3 as often as required. Only use a few strokes and be careful not to over-buff the nail.


Grits : 600 (buff) / 2500 (smooth) / 4000 (shine)