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The perfect tools for a professional finish manicure or pedicure at home. 

CRYSTAL NAIL FILE (large) - This award-winning file is quick and easy to use as the unique surface glides along the nail edge, simply turning the nail to dust. 

CRYSTAL FOOT SMOOTHER helps to smooth and perfect the sole/heel of the foot and will also help prevent further hard skin build-up.

SMOOTH YOUR SOLE is an easy to use professional double sided foot file, for fast removal of calluses and thickened areas of dry skin on the feet.

DUPLEX BUFFER is a two-sided buffer that helps control ridges and flaking and splitting at the nail tips.  

HOOF STICK is a a double-ended tool, with a rubber tip to gently push back the cuticles and an angled end to clean around the cuticle area.



CRYSTAL NAIL FILE (large 195mm) with eco case







*vs individual RSPs


How to use:

Due to the unique surface, with the CRYSTAL NAIL FILE you can file in a simple back and forth motion, making it quick and easy to achieve your desired shape. Don’t apply too much pressure – the file will do the work for you. For use on natural nails only. 

SMOOTH YOUR SOLE foot file - Use when the feet are warm and still slightly damp after showering or soaking. First, use the surface 1.REMOVE in circular movements concentrating on the heel, the ball and the sides of the foot to remove any thickened problem skin.Then use the surface 2.SMOOTH to smooth all over the foot and further smooth the problem areas. 

After you have used the SMOOTH YOUR SOLE, use the CRYSTAL FOOT SMOOTHER to perfect the sole/heel of the foot and help prevent further hard skin build-up. The Crystal Foot Smoother should not be used as a Crystal Nail File. 

DUPLEX BUFFER - Use side 1.Refine and buff lightly back and forth across the entire nail surface.  Nail ridges and grooves are reduced and smoothed and the nail surface is left more even. Then use side 2.Shine to add a natural shine to the nails. 

HOOF STICK - Use the rubber end to gently push back the cuticles and the angled end to clean around the cuticle area.

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