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Tan Me - Self Tan Mousse - Sunkissed (Medium 100ml)

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Sun-Believable TAN ME Self Tan Mousse 
This rich mousse glides easily onto the skin to create a healthy, sunkissed lasting tan. 
The guide colour ensures an effortless streak-free application..
Comes with the Sun-Believable APPLICATION MITT for a perfect application every-time.
Medium Tan for a 'Sunkissed' appearance.
• Virtually odourless! 
• Dries super-fast! 
• Created with an in-built golden glow for an immediate sunkissed appearance.
• Premium, 100% naturally derived tanning ingredients help reduce streaking and fade the tan more evenly for a continuous natural appearance.
• The fast acting self tan develops within 2-4 hours, adjusting to the tones of your skin.
• Fragrance Free & Alcohol Free.
Available in Dark 200ml
This light and fluffy Self Tan Mousse contains two 100% approved natural origin eco-cert tanning ingredients. Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) - a high purity carbohydrate derived from sugar/glycerine, which helps to develop your tan within 2 to 4 hours. Sugar (carbohydrate) -helps to produce a lighter slower developing colour. Both ingredients work synergistically helping your tan last longer, fade slower, look more natural and reduce streaking. Propylene Glycol - reduces trans-epidermal water loss providing moisturising benefits to your skin. Mild Biodegradable Stabiliser to create the unique foam structure for ease of use and fast drying action