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Smooth Operator Pedicure Duo

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Smooth Your Sole 'Foot File' & Crystal 'Foot Smoother'

-The 3 step hard skin removal system

'This technology works similar to nail buffing, removing the problem skin gradually in 3 steps helps prevent it returning and makes soles feel silky soft too.' - Leighton Denny. 

- Step 1 & 2 'Foot File'
Use when the feet are warm and still slightly damp after showing or soaking.
First use the surface 'numbered 1' in circular movements concentrating on the heel, the ball and the sides of the foot to remove any thickened problem skin.
Then use the surface 'numbered 2' to smooth all over the foot and further smooth the problem areas. 
- Step 3 'Crystal Foot Smoother'
Now perfect the sole/heel of the foot with the 'Crystal Foot Smoother' and this will also help prevent further hard skin build-up.
For best results always use the Crystal Foot Smoother in conjunction with the Smooth Your Sole Foot File to remove and smooth any problem dry area
Perfect Partner: Well Heeled Foot Mask.


1x Smooth Your Sole Foot File (240mm)

1x Crystal Foot Smoother (220mm)


The 'Crystal' Foot Smoother should not be used as a 'Crystal' Nail File.