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Anti-Bacterial Small Crystal Nail File (140mm) & Case

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Introducing the next generation of the Crystal Nail File. Our anti-bacterial crystal file is treated with a patented technology for ultimate hygiene. Simply exposing the file surface to natural light kills 98% of bacteria within 4 hours. Just leave it on your windowsill and the new Titanium Dioxide Photo Catalytic surface will not only file your nails perfectly but eliminate bacteria and viruses too.

With a limited edition signature handle, this small anti-bac nail file has a pointed end for precision shaping & cuticle work and comes in a protective case. 140mm


Unlike traditional nail files, with the Leighton Denny crystal file you can file back and forth making it quick and easy to use. The unique surface seals the edge of the nails to help prevent splitting and peeling at the tips and simply turns the nail to dust.

The surface of this nail file comes with a 25-year guarantee, keeping your nails looking and feeling beautiful for years to come. For natural nails only. Not suitable for gel or acrylic enhancements.

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