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Scrub Me Body Exfoliator 200ml

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Sun Believable SCRUB ME Body Exfoliator gently polishes the skin.

Prep, remove and exfoliate for an even, longer lasting tan! 

Natural Walnut Shell & Ecuadorian Ivory Palm seed to gently polish the skin.

Acqua Biomin Gem, a unique blend of precious gems, diamond, pearl, turquoise and opal proteins increases  skins hydration by 24%. leaving the skin feeling beautifully smooth and perfectly prepared.

A salt-free scrub exquisitely fragranced with a blend of Essential Oil of Sicilian Lemon and lime.

Creates the perfect foundation for your Sun Believable self tan.


Sun Believable Scrub Me Body Exfoliator is packed full of exfoliating particles that are designed to slough away dead skin cells and false tanning build up from the skin.  

The salt-free scrub is made up of natural walnut shell and Ecuadorian ivory palm seed and  set in a gel.  It also contains Acqua Biomin Gem which is a blend of precious gems, diamond, pearl, turquoise and opal proteins which work together to leave the skin feeling smooth and prepared for the application of self tan.

Scrub Me doesn't dry the skin out or leave it feeling tight.  






Xanthan Gum Rheology Modifier (produced by the fermentation of sugars) – suspends the fine scrub particles, which becomes liquefied when applying making the product easier to spread. Natural Walnut Shell - commonly called Persian or English Walnut is known as “Royal Walnut”, figuratively “a nut fit for a god”. Grown extensively for its wood and nuts, the shells are a by product. Natural Ecuadorian Palm Seed - the vegetable Ivory Palm or Tagua is scientifically named Phytelephas Aequatorialis which means “Elephant Palm”. This is because the nuts/seeds resemble elephant ivory. Precious Gem Blend - a unique combination of diamond, pearl, turquoise and opal proteins which help smooth the skin. Essential Oil of Sicilian Lemon and Lime for a fresh, citrus fragrance