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Our best-selling RENOVATE Intensive Nail Repair Cream & duplex buffer together with our new RENOVATE Cuticle Oil. RENOVATE is perfect for you if you suffer from ridged, dry, flaky nails as this intensive nail repair cream will help to smooth, shine, revive and hydrate the nails. RENOVATE Cuticle Oil is a targeted treatment oil for dry cuticles. The 88% plant-based, vegan formula helps to hydrate & nourish the cuticles.



Renovate Nail Cream (full size 10ml) and Duplex Buffer

Renovate Cuticle Oil (full size 12ml)


*vs individual RSPs


How to use RENOVATE & Buffer:


Use the Refine side of the buffer to exfoliate and remove ridges. Then apply a small dot of RENOVATE cream onto the nail and massage into the nail and cuticle until fully absorbed. Next use the Shine side of the buffer to seal in the cream and add a natural shine to the nail. Apply RENOVATE Oil on and around the cuticle and massage in until fully absorbed.


Apply RENOVATE cream twice daily – once in the morning and once in the evening is ideal – then use the Buffer (DUPLEX 2 Shine) to seal and shine or use as often as required. DUPLEX 1 Refine should only need to be used every 2-3 months and used on the new nail growth only. Apply RENOVATE Cuticle Oil as part of your daily routine.

Note: Allow at least 4 hours for RENOVATE cream to be absorbed into the nail before applying nail colour as adhesion would be affected by the essential oils in the product.

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