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Hydra Flex Treat & Go Pen 8ml

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A handy and portable treatment pen containing HYDRA-FLEX TREATMENT SERUM at one end and HYDRA-FLEX TREATMENT SHIELD at the other for dehydrated
An intensely moisturising and beneficial treatment, the HYDRA-FLEX TREATMENT SERUM is massaged into the nails and cuticle where it boosts moisture levels and leaves an invisible, protective film. The nail should look and feel smoother and healthier immediately but repeated applications are needed for best results. Hydra-Flex Serum can be used daily (even when polish is worn) to keep nails hydrated. HYDRA-FLEX TREATMENT SHIELD is a low gloss, clear coat with the Hydra-Flex compound of active ingredients. The Shield bonds these onto the nail creating a protective layer that thickens, smoothes and seals for more resilient nails. Apply one layer as a base coat or two coats as a nail treatment alone. Massage HYDRA-FLEX TREATMENT SERUM thoroughly into the nail, cuticle and surrounding skin. Wait until the serum has dried and is fully absorbed into the nail before applying Shield or nail polish. Can be used daily, even under polish. Apply one layer of HYDRA-FLEX TREATMENT SHIELD as a base coat under nail polish or two thin coats as a treatment alone.