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Large Crystal File & Case.

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The 'Rolls Royce' of Nail Files Simply turns the nails to dust, makes filing fast and easy! 

For All Natural Nail Types. 

With the Crystal files you can file back and forth unlike many standard emery boards. 

The surface of the file comes with a 25 year guarantee. 

It's unique surface seals the ends of the nails and helps with peeling and splitting.

The Crystal Nail File comes in an aluminium case.


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Traditional nail files can leave the nail edge rough or uneven, but the CRYSTAL FILE smooths the nail completely, sealing it, leaving not a trace of a split or catch.

Comes supplied in the aluminium case.

25 Year Guarantee

Please note, due to the nature of the material. the guarantee does not cover breakage no matter how caused. The file is designed for use on natural nails only. The guarantee does not cover damage caused if used on Gel Nails or Artificial Nail Extensions or is otherwise abused.