Please tell me that the sunshine is on its way! Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas and New Year and the winter time, especially since I moved back from LA, because the crispness in the air just takes me right back to being a kid again. I've always loved this time of the year but it was the last couple of weeks that made me realise that I was really missing something. I hadn't been feeling myself for a couple of months and so I finally decided that it was time to go to the doctor. The result came as a surprise, I was told that I had Vitamin D deficiency. We used to be such a country of sun worshippers but styles have really changed, so it was a shock when my doctor said that the easiest solution was to go on holiday and sunbathe, well it's much more fun that taking a tablet!

We all need Vitamin D to maintain healthy bones, teeth and muscles, and I really thought that I was getting enough because of my diet and exercise. I was wrong. From March until September we get all of the Vitamin D that we need from exposure to sunshine but when the dreaded S.A.D.s arrive, Seasonal Affective Disorder, our body falls back on our diet. So, with this in mind, I'm going on holiday for two weeks and I'm sunbathing. Throughout the year I always use my SUNBELIEVABLE BODY EXFOLIATOR and CREAM ME, the Vitamin E body cream to keep my skin smooth and hydrated, but I needed something to give me that extra bit of help with the suntan. I also needed something that would help to protect my skin. So, I reached for my SUNBELIEVABLE ACCELERATE ME TAN BOOSTER.

It contains two ingredients, Acetyl Tyrosine and Riboflavin, that actually prep for a deeper colour by boosting the skin's production of Melanin. Our skin creates Melanin as a way of protecting itself from the effects of harsh sunlight, and it's this that actually gives you the healthy colour. Because we're boosting the production it means that you can spend less time in the sun topping up your tan but still get the levels of Vitamin D that we all need. It's important to get a healthy balance though because too much sun exposure can cause serious health problems, so please use a good SPF on top of the accelerator 

I'm also going to take my TAN ACCELERATOR with me because it acts as a fantastic moisturiser and, as it contains Aloe Vera, that is great as an after-sun too. It's best to start using it about ten to fourteen days before your holiday, but you can also use it all year round so that you're skin is ready for even the briefest burst of sunshine.

So tell me,

Any top tips for increasing our Vitamin D intake?

All the best, 

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