Fearless and lawless, Tribal girls know life is all about survival of the fittest.  They cannot be tamed or controlled, and are strong in the face of danger but always with a sensual charm. First up to see the sunrise and dancing until the moon shines, they live by the rhythm of life and celebrate the beat of nature.

Tribal Fever is boldly moving where you’ve never been before, with an electric range of jungle-inspired colours and glitter, inspired by catwalk trends. 


Pop Of Pink

The pastel pink of previous seasons move into a more confident direction, with glittery fondant and brighter coral-pinks emerging as the perfect shades for statement nails and clashing lips. 

Check out:

Sand Storm 12ml – Holographic pink and orange glitter with clear base.

Tribal Dance 12ml – Rich and bright, pinky coral-red.


Beautiful Blues

All shades of dazzling, aquatic blue will work this season…from glowing aquamarine to beautiful summer skies, blue is one way to keep your nails looking fresh this season.

Check out:

Skinny Dippin’ 12ml – Waterfall inspired, aqua-turquoise blue.

Desert Rain 12ml – Rich and royal, electric cobolt blue.


Jungle Bloom

Nails can be inspired by the jungle in full bloom…from tropical and moody-bright tribal shades and glowing neons.

Check out:

Queen Of The Congo 12ml – Bold, magenta purple.

Tiger Tamer 12ml – Neon yellow/lime.


Set yourself free this summer and get set to rule the tribe with the Tribal Fever collection.  Trek amongst the Amazonian mountains or step on the wild side with colours to tame even the wildest tigers, be immersed into sparkling sand dunes with sizzling hot tropical glitter, explore deep into the jungle with waterfall inspired hues and dance to the beat of passion and you’ll be the last one standing with this fabulous tribal inspired range.

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So tell me…

1) After reading this, will you be going Tribal this season?

2) Do you have one favourite S/S shade, or do you love all of them? 

3) Will you be matching or clashing your lips and nails this season?  


Thanks for reading my blog and please leave your comments below!