Get the most natural looking self tan with my top tanning tips 

1. Always shave 24hrs or wax 48hrs before applying self tan. 

2. Remove any stubborn traces of old self tan, if needed, by using a cleansing wipe. 

3. Create the perfect base for your self tan by exfoliating the face and body with Scrub Me.

4. Make sure your underarms are deodorant-free as it could interfere with the development of your self tan. 

5. Apply moisturiser sparingly to feet, elbows, cuticles and hands, and if you have blonde or grey hair use a cotton bud to apply to it eyebrows and hairline.

6. Wear our award-winning Application Mitt when applying self tan to reduce your margin for error, and prevent streaking and stained palms. 

7. Apply Self Tan to the middle of your back using the Application Mitt placed over the brush head of a long handled shower brush or bend a wire coat hanger to fit the mitt, to get to those hard to reach areas.

8. After application wipe your palms, fingers and toe nails with a cleansing wipe to prevent self tan developing in the wrong areas.

9. Wear dark loose clothing or nightwear after application, especially if you develop your self tan in bed, overnight.

10. Try to keep your showers cool as hot water can stimulate the skin and cause the self tan to fade faster.

11. Pat yourself dry after showering, as rubbing aggressively with a towel could fade your self tan, then moisturise with Cream Me to hydrate. 

12. Prolong your self tan by avoiding mineral oil based moisturisers which will strip the self tan and cause premature fading.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

When is the best time to apply my self tan? 

The best time to tan ahead of a big event is two days before, just in case you want to go darker or need a touch up! Natural light is best to apply your tan, so always remember to apply your tan in the best light possible and use a tan with a guide colour, such as Sun Believable Tan Me, so you don’t miss any areas.

What is DHA?

Our DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) is a naturally-derived carbohydrate that affects the colour of the skin. It reacts with amino acids found in the top layers of skin to create a natural sun-less glow; the effect begins to appear within two to four hours after application of the Sun Believable Tan Me Self Tan Mousse and Professional Spray Me Self Tan because we use the highest grade of DHA.

I always have trouble self tanning my hands and feet, they always turn out darker, what should I do?

Apply a thin layer of Cream Me Body Moisturiser on the tops of your hands and feet, as this acts as a diluting agent to the self tan, creating a natural colour that is pure perfection! Top Tip – apply a small amount of Cream Me Body Moisturiser to the base of your wrists and palms, using a motion, to allow the tan line to naturally fade, so no one knows you’re faking it!

How many layers of Sun Believable Dark can I apply at a time?

Medium to dark skin tones can apply two thin layers in order to achieve an extra deep level of darkness. We recommend that fair and very light skin types refrain from applying more than one thin layer of Tan Me Self Tan Mousse Dark at a time.

What does Sun Believable smell like?

Tan Me - Self Tan Mousse and Bronze Me – Instant Tan are fragrance and alcohol free, and have been specifically formulated to drastically reduce any tell-tale self tan smell making them virtually odourless. Sun Kiss Me - Gradual Tan has a delicate Sicilian lemon scent.

Will my Sun Believable self tan wash off when I shower?

In a word, no! The guide colour will wash off — so don’t be alarmed. But underneath, your ‘real sun-less tan’ will be revealed. Our special blend of DHA is what creates a caramel-tanned appearance on the skin. The colour guide does not play a part in the sunless tanning development process and is supposed to be washed off in the shower. Also, keep in mind that your sunless tan will continue to deepen in colour for up to 24 hours after you wash off the colour guide. DHA colour is temporary, so your sunless colour will gradually fade just like a sun tan but slightly faster.

What should I avoid when enjoying my Sun Believable tan?

  • Avoid hair removal such as waxing, hair-inhibiting lotions or creams and depilatory hair removers.  Also avoid body hair bleaching.  
  • Skin care products to avoid include Retinol products and skin bleaching or fading products, acne treatment products containing benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid or AHA’s, products containing alcohol or witch hazel, and microdermabrasion facial scrubs.  
  • Body care products to avoid include facial scrubs, masks and strips, loofahs, exfoliation gloves, as well as body moisturisers or shower gels that contain petroleum or mineral oil bases.
  • Be aware that soaking in salt water (the ocean), chlorine (pools) or hot baths can rapidly exfoliate your tan. Also do not rub your skin with a towel after bathing — pat dry only.

Should I exfoliate with Scrub Me Body Exfoliator while I'm wearing self tan?

Lightly exfoliating with Scrub Me Body Exfoliator while your skin is wet during showering can gently even out and brighten your skin tone without stripping your colour. Properly caring for your sunless tan will improve your tan's overall beauty, colour, fade and longevity.

Do I have to wear gloves or a mitt when I apply the tan?

Yes! Use the Sun Believable Applicator Mitt when applying the product. Wearing the mitt will prevent your palms and fingernails from tanning or staining and will ensure you get an even streak-free finish.

What’s the best way to apply Sun Believable FACE?

Apply your self-tan in even, smooth strokes. Start by hitting your t-zone (the forehead and down the bridge of your nose) since that's where the sun naturally hits your face. Move outwards, covering your cheeks and chin in a quick motion to create an even look. Be sure to move down from your chin and jaw line to your neck and collarbone, as you want to blend your face coverage with your body. 

Are there any other products that can help with my self-tan?

We have a wide variety of fabulous products that can help to enhance your perfect self tan including Accelerate Me, a tan extender which achieves a deeper and more natural colour whilst prolonging your tan, and Highlight Me, a gorgeous bronzing shimmer that leaves skin radiant and glowing. You can check out the entire Sun-Believable range here:

So now tell me…

1) What tan works best for you? Real, mousse, gradual or wash-off, etc.

2) Do you have a top tip or technique for applying Self tan?

Thanks for reading my blog and please leave your comments below!