Who wouldn't like their own perfume created especially for them? It's a pricey job though and what if you didn't like it in the end? Well, instead I've come up with an ABC technique for FRAGRANCE COCKTAILING your current perfumes.

Want to know more?.. it's as easy as ABC!

When I first started working on the LIGHT & DARK fragrance range I always had in the back of my mind that it would be great if they could be blended with other perfumes. Well you can, and now that there are four to choose from let me show you how to do it. Just as two nail colours can blend to create a third so can two perfumes, and this is the concept of my FRAGRANCE COCKTAILING. Have you ever wanted more depth, more freshness, more edge or even more playfulness in your perfume? Well, the LIGHT & DARK range can give you all of these if you just follow my ABC

ASK yourself what you want from your fragrance

BLEND your chosen perfumes

CONTROL your bespoke scent

Each of my perfumes has a particular character and you can ADD this to your current fragrance, or cocktail any of the four together, to make something unique. For depth reach for LIGHT & DARK ORIGINAL, for that hit of freshness grasp LIVELY, for an exciting edge grab hold of DESIRE, and for that note of playfulness squeeze DELIGHTFUL.

If you're not sure which LIGHT & DARK fragrance you want, then check out the COCKTAIL COLLECTIONS, then you have all four of my LIGHT & DARK perfumes so you can experiment until you find that special combination. My only advice is that you always start with ORIGINAL. Spray that onto your skin first and it will give your blend an irresistibly sensuous quality, because of the amber it will literally lock the fragrance onto you for the whole day. After that you're good to go with anything else, even someone else’s perfume, although I’m sure that you’ll find your perfect scent in the LIGHT & DARK range … especially if you COCKTAIL. Always spray the second scent when the first is still liquid on your skin, because it helps the flavours to mix, and if you want to be daring then why not add a third! 

So, the only limit to the result is your own imagination. Blend away, and don’t forget to share your favourite LIGHT & DARK creations in the comments below and lets us know what they smell like too.  

Happy cocktailing!