I’m really excited to tell you all about five new products launching in the LIGHT & DARK Family, including two new unisex fragrances.


Unisex EDP 70ml

Sparkling citrus notes of bergamot, lemon and grapefruit entwined with beautiful white florals and a warm spicy accord of nutmeg, ginger, pepper and cardamom.  Base notes of sandalwood, patchouli, Vetivert, ambers and musk’s completes this aroma. 


Unisex EDP 70ml

A celebration of dark woods including vetivert, patchouli and cedar tempered with moss, amber and crisp spicy elements of pepper and nutmeg. Citrus top note of grapefruit, lemon and bergamot is warmed by a heart of neroli.


There is new ways to experience LIGHT & DARK Original…

Solid EDP ‘Touch Up’ Stick 15ml

Presented in a portable stick, this travel friendly perfume is crafted to moisturise skin. This ensures your skin holds fragrance better, for a longer-lasting, deeper fragrance experience. (Launching January 2016)

Bath/Shower Gel 100ml

Experience soft and gentle body cleansing with this light gel that softens and smoothens the skin. With palm and plant extracts.

Shimmer Body Crème 100ml

A perfumed body crème that's inviting and warm. It hydrates, smoothens and adds shimmer to the skin. With shea butter, cocoa butter and olive oil.

All new L&D products will be launching exclusively on LD-Boutique.com. 


You asked, I answer… Q&A!

What scent do you recommend?

LIGHT & DARK Original is where it all began for me, it’s a sophisticated floriental fragrance that can be worn day or night. With its special blend of absolute oils including pepper, myrrh and incense, you’ll adore this intoxicating, warm and inviting fragrance; it’s the perfect scent for anytime, day or night!

Original EDP - Available in 70ml Here

Travel/Try Me Spray – Available in 5ml Here 

What are the ‘notes’ in a fragrance?

Top NotesTop notes are evident as soon as the liquid touches your skin. These are usually lighter than the other ingredients, and function by shaping the primary fragrance burst.

Middle NotesShortly after application, the top notes give way to the heart notes. These are usually floral, as most fruity notes are too light for this layer. These middle notes make up the core perfume as it sits on the skin, and it is these layers that define the ultimate dry down, when the perfume settles on to the skin.

Base notes: The base notes determine how long a fragrance will last, and provide a background on which the heart notes can be appreciated. Interestingly, most fragrances have similar base notes. This is because there are only a certain number of notes that will last long enough on the skin to form the base of a fragrance. 

How does my skin type affect fragrance?
The oils in skin dissolve and retain scent molecules. Therefore, the oilier your skin, the more intense a fragrance will be and the longer it will last.

Why does a fragrance smell wonderful on a friend, yet do nothing for me?
This is because each of us has our own ‘scent print’ that will influence the development of a perfume. This odour-identity is the sum total of our genes, our skin chemistry, diet, medication intake, stress level and, probably the most important factor of all, the temperature of our skin. It’s not as simple as saying that fragrances react differently on different people because of their ‘body chemistry’. The warmth of our skin is critical. Some people have more pores per centimetre than others, or more layers of fat in their skin. These and other factors affect the warmth of skin, which in turn influences the scent of a fragrance. We are all created equal until we use fragrance.

How does climate affect the fragrance?
Summer heat increases the impact of odour. The hotter the weather, the more rapidly the ‘notes’ of a fragrance leave the skin. The answer in hot weather is a lighter fragrance re-applied more frequently. Winter tones down scent; in cold weather the fragrance molecules ‘lift’ more slowly and the top, heart and base notes develop more gradually. 

I'm on a diet and I've found I need to apply more fragrance, why?

If you’re on a low-fat diet, the oil levels in your skin tend to be lower so you may find that your fragrance does not seem to last as long.

I'm on antibiotics, is it true they can change my fragrance?
Yes, firstly, because many antibiotics change the smell of your skin. Secondly, because their action decimates the bacteria on your skin, which, in turn blends with your skin oils to produce a fragrance that is distinctive to you.

Why doesn’t the fragrance last on me but it do on my friends?
Unfortunately, your body’s chemistry can cause fragrance to evaporate more quickly from your skin. Perfumers would say that your skin ‘throws off’ fragrance.

Instead of a fragrance lasting for some three to five hours, it disappears within an hour, sometimes shorter, and the rate of evaporation can triple or even quadruple on your skin. Why? The acidity of your skin is a possible culprit. Try licking your wrist. Does it have a sharp, tangy taste? If so that’s a sure sign of acid. And the more acidic your skin, the more it will tend to throw off perfume.

As mentioned before medicines can change your body’s chemistry. Low fat diets, stress, spicy foods and fast foods can all affect body temperature and encourage the skin to throw off perfume. Add dry skin and pregnancy to the list and you’ll see why so many women complain about the staying power of their fragrance. The solution? Put an emollient layer between your skin and your perfume. ‘Layer’ your fragrance to extend its life. Use a fragrance-free body lotion or body cream, or one that matches the fragrance, to slow down the rate of evaporation and double the life of your fragrance.

What’s the best way to spray on fragrance?
Spray about 20cm away from your skin. An even spray over a wider area will help your fragrance last longer than a generous amount in a small area. Should you rub one wrist against the other to dry the fragrance? No, because you’ll crush the notes and dull their development. 

So tell me… 

1) Do you have a favourite technique when applying fragrance?

2) How long does Eau De Parfum usually last on you?

3) Will you be tempted to try any of the new L&D products?


Thanks for reading my blog and please leave your comments below!