I first met Leighton in 2006 when we were both based at Harrods, he was best known for a rainbow of nail designs and his coveted Crystal Nail File. So, back in March when he asked me to review the LIGHT & DARK range on my blog, I was nervous because I'd never reviewed a friend's perfume before. I needn't have worried, I genuinely loved all three. Maybe you've got one of Leighton's fragrances already, maybe you have two, well I'm going to explain why you need them all. ORIGINAL, LIVELY and DESIRE ... They'll definitely make you ready for anything. 

Different perfumes can give off different signals, and it helps to know when to wear each one. The LIGHT & DARK range contains romance, strength and playfulness, but which one do you want to be? 

LIGHT & DARK ORIGINAL EDP is a romantic perfume which makes you want to hug the person wearing it. Top notes of citrus are met with delicate jasmine, rose and amber, making this a must for a sensual date. (Think Coco Mademoiselle with more heart).

For your fresh playful daytime scent, or a summer evening, just reach for LIGHT & DARK LIVELY EDP. Juicy lemon and grapefruit, smooth spices and soft musk put you in mind of a sea view.  Making this the one use when you need to escape. (Think Issey Miyake but without the seaweed).

If you're looking to challenge then it's got to be the strength of the FiFi award winning LIGHT & DARK DESIRE EDP. It was recently voted the Readers’ Choice Award by Elle Magazine in the Fragrance Foundation Awards, and it’s a "must buy". After an explosion of citrus you are hit with spicy pepper and nutmeg before the woodiness of this fragrance puts you firmly in control.  Wear Desire when you mean business.  (Think Guerlain's Vetiver with more floral)

Leighton's LIGHT & DARK trio are intriguing when worn alone but also lend themselves easily to trouble free perfume layering, which is a fun way to create your own signature scent.  All of these fragrances are beautiful on women, but DESIRE and LIVELY are also unisex scents so smell great on men as well. This makes them perfect for sharing! I have to confess to wearing all of them, although I'm not telling you my favourite yet!

If I had to do a top-five of Leighton's products it would be LIGHT & DARK fragrance range in the top three, followed by Sun Believable Face - this facial tan is anti-ageing, leaving the skin looking glowing and hydrated, and last but not least Sun Believable Cream Me. It’s a sumptuous body cream that is perfect for keeping the skin hydrated all year round and also a great base for your fragrance.

I hope you enjoyed reading ‘part one’ of my guest blog about LIGHT & DARK, and where to wear them. I’d love to hear of any comparisons you have found and any events where you wore your LIGHT & DARK EDP’s, please comment below. I'll leave you with this… the second part of this blog is reserved for something very special that's coming soon... watch this space!

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Bye for now, Stephan. x

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