During one of Leighton's recent Periscope broadcasts, he spontaneously invited me to write a one-off piece for his blog. Many have quizzed me in the past about my preferred beauty products, so I thought I would share my ‘must have products, as well as some unsung hero’s that are not seen enough and some top tips on how I use them in my day-to-day life Nailing It! I have to start with ‘nails’ as most of you may know, this has been the focus of my 18 year career and I've been a part of the LD family from day one when Leighton launched his range. As well as the obvious favourites like the Crystal File, Undercover base coat, Crystal Finish topcoat and Best Defence hand and nail cream; there are other items that don't always get as much attention. I especially love the Trio buffer; the tool itself isn't so ridged and has a slight "bounce" which makes for gentle buffing and also smooth shaping on the edge of the nail without taking any length off. I'm not sure why we don't see much of my go-to nude shade Natural White, but for me it's perfect to define and freshen the white tip without being too obvious and is gorgeous to brighten a dull looking nail by using it as a first coat of polish (similar to a diffuser) before going over it with your preferred nude, such as Creme de la Creme, Stunning or Starkers. My other key ‘unsung hero’ product is Diamond Skin Like Silk as this hand scrub can provide instant improvements to the skin and cuticles. Perfecting That Pout! With the lip stain and lipstick range Lip Dual; I had a preview before it actually launched and loved the idea of matching Leighton’s most popular nail shades with these new lip treatments. Other than the fact that it's a comfortable formula and hydrating for the lips with amazing staying power, for me it was not just all about how the wonderful lip colours looked but it was the anti-aging ingredients that Leighton included so they also treat your lips too. My tip for anyone with a more narrow lip is Hot Gossip, a vibrant coral shade (I often wore it in my Sun Believable QVC presentations). Normally a nude shade would be favourable, but I personally found this blend of pigments gives the illusion of a fuller looking lip and is perfect for anyone who thought they might not be able to get away with a statement shade. My other favourites are Catwalk Queen and In The Nude, which I layer to give that 60s Bardot look. But ‘In The Nude’ by itself is your classic everyday rose blush natural shade and definitely the one I find myself re-ordering more frequently. For a more editorial style and also another trick to creating a more plumping effect is the ombre technique which you can achieve with most colour combos, but I particularly like the clash of the pink and red with Ravishing Red over the whole lip and Deal With It in the centre of the bottom lip, then just ‘smoosh’ (I made up that word for rub your lips together, or just say "mum" over and over again). Flash Some Skin! With the perfect lips, comes the perfect complexion. The Sun Believable range offers many problem solvers when it comes to fool-proof self-tanning. Whether it's using the Tan Me Mousse or a subtle and no-fuss option with the gradual tan Sun Kiss Me, my two favourites from this range are Cream Me Body Cream used to lock in a tan and also to create application barriers for wrists and ankles when mousse tanning. However I love the formula as a general body cream. It has a chameleon-like texture that changes from gel to cream. I particularly love the large jar because you can really be indulgent with it. As well as offering superb hydration it gives the most amazing, glistening finish to the skin, and really defines the shoulders, calves of the legs or whatever is on display. My second fave is Sun Believable FACE with Youth Glow Technology in the Dark option which, especially during the winter months gives that glowing, healthy look with its premium skin care properties doubles up as your day cream. The texture is really rich, but once on the skin isn't heavy, and I can even go on with my make up straight after and that gentle glow will develop over the course of the day. Do remember to wash your hands afterwards otherwise apply with a foundation brush. That reminds me, it’s fab for the hands too!! If you haven't mastered self-tanning the hands and then just tend to leave them au naturel, do try this product missed with a little hand cream on the hands, also with a foundation brush and remember to make a claw shape for easy application. This is caring for the hands and will give a flawless tanned finish to this sometimes tricky-to-tan area. The Final Touch! My must have touch of glamour for any look, whether I'm going to an event or just popping to the shops is always fragrance, even if I'm casual or having a no make-up day, I will always wear perfume. Having co-presented with Leighton on many of his successful fragrance shows, I really felt I knew the LIGHT & DARK fragrance, as it became such a familiar presence in my life. Now with the new launches, I've had a chance to trial the new unisex additions Lively and Desire and continue my habits of wearing certain fragrances for particular occasions or even fashions. These are much fresher which I enjoy on a day-to-day basis and the unisex angle is great, as I have selected Lively as my guest fragrance for my bathroom. I've also had a chance to enjoy the Light and Dark Body Wash & Creme that is true to the Original Fragrance and a joy to use and we all know that scent layering makes the fragrance last until you wash it off. The range also looks fab on display on my dressing table. Well, I really hope you have enjoyed reading about my most favourite LD products and look forward to reading your comments below about any of your personal 'tips and tricks' or any of your 'unsung hero' products. Lots of love, Nina Taylor x www.facebook.com/NinaTaylorOfficial