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Top Tanning Tips

Get the most natural looking self tan with my top tanning tips - from first time tanners to more experienced self tan-fans, it's all here.

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Get Lippy

Welcome to my very first blog post! 

I am hoping that this post will be one of many, and that you find it interesting and there’s something in it for each one of you. 

I have always wanted to write a nail, beauty & lifestyle blog but never got around to it...  So here it is: 

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Flip Flop Friendly Feet!

People tend to neglect their feet. Walking around with neglected feet stuffed into boots or ill-fitting shoes is one of the major problems and can lead to corns, bruised toenails or bunions. Simple steps such as alternating between high and low heels and taking a little extra care can rectify this. And always remember that just because they haven't been on show for a while it doesn't mean those tootsies won’t be popping out soon.

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