LD Boutique caught up with Holly's Beauty Box

Leighton Denny's brands will always have a place in my heart. When I first started blogging one of the biggest moments in the first year was when Leighton Denny agreed to do an interview with me. He tweeted a link to my blog and he had thousands and thousands of followers, so it was a turning moment for me. It was onwards and upwards from there really.  I wanted to let you all know my thoughts on some of the newer LD products I've been trying out recently. 

First things first, I am loving the packaging of the products! Everything is black and white which just looks classy and expensive. 

The first product I want to talk about is my all time favourite Leighton Denny product and that is the Lip Dual in the shade 'Ravishing Red'. When I first tried this out, I was applying the lipstick first and the stain on top. I found the stain made the product a bit lackluster, so I tweeted Leighton Denny himself who could confirm I WAS DOING IT WRONG!!  I was supposed to apply the stain first before applying the lipstick. I'm not even exaggerating when I say I have tried over 100 red lipsticks and this one is by far my favourite. It lasts all night and never goes dry on my lips. I just love it.

Moving onto LIGHT & DARK Original EDP... I will warn you now, that I am the world's worst at describing fragrances, but the best way I can describe this scent is spicy, smoky and seductive. Its top notes include Mandarin, White Pepper, Grapefruit and Peach. I sprayed this onto my wrists, neck and hair before a night out and when I came home and took my dress off (oo-err!), I could still smell the perfume! It's not overpowering but is definitely noticeable throughout the day.

The bottle is a bit big for taking on a night out which is why I was THRILLED to see LD had released a 'LIGHT & DARK Original Touch Up Solid'. It's designed to be used as a base for the liquid fragrance, but this is definitely nice when worn on its own (and it's the perfect size for travelling too!).

Speaking of traveling, LD has also released a LIGHT & DARK Original Shimmering Body Crème which is gorgeous when teamed with a summer glow. I have been trying to make my tan from being on holiday last as long as possible and so adding this shimmering body lotion really helps to emphasise it. Not to mention it smells amazing!

I am also obsessed with Leighton Denny Expert Nails in Feel The Burn. I love this fiery, warm, terracotta red - it is the perfect shade as it is not too bright and not too dark. The formula is amazing, I apply two coats and the end result is super shiny nails that last for days on end without chipping. I love wearing a red lip and red nails so this is my go to everyday colour!   

Finally, if you're a bit like me and your tan tends to come from a bottle rather than the British weather, then the Sun Believable tanning range is right up your street. I can never get a good even tan on my face. I always end up with uneven patches and white under eyes (Imagine Kim K's skiing disaster and you won't go far wrong!) but after using the Sun Believable FACE, I was happy to find a very light tan with ZERO patches! It says to top this up every two to three days but if I'm honest, it lasts roughly a week which is ideal for me!

So, it seems as though LD has got my summer beauty essentials sorted! I am really impressed with all of the products I mentioned and will definitely be hiding my Lip Dual from my sisters in a safe place. If only I could remember where my 'safe place' is?!  

Thanks to LD for giving me the opportunity to share my thoughts with you all and I look forward to reading your comments below about your 'must-have' products from Leighton's ranges. 

All My Love

Holly x