Skin Tones By Leighton Denny

Finding a Suitable Nail and Lip Colour 
The most important considerations for choosing the right shade is your skin colour, hair colour and obviously your personality!   
  • Light skin and blonde hair: all shades of orange, pink, purple 
  • Dark skin and dark hair: all shades of red, violet
  • Light skin and dark hair: all shades of brown and beige
  • For red hair women: coral-red, brown and bronze colours
Shades To Suit: 
Are you fair skinned and want to wear a red polish? Or maybe, you have a medium olive skin tone and are looking for a pink lipstick that’s right for you. Here's a guide to help you choose the right shade that is most suited to your skin colour. 

Fair skin: 
Reds:  Soft berry and wine reds with a blue undertone are ideal. Avoid reds with an orange undertone. These can make this skin tone look washed out and ashen.  Medium shades of brown with pink undertones or beige with pink undertones flatter fair skins  (Try 'Provocative' Nail Colour & Lip Dual's 'Ravishing Red' )  
Browns: Mocha browns, and darker brown/pink polishes are also flattering for an evening nail look. Extra pale based browns with yellow undertones can make fair skin look like you have over done it with the cigarettes!   (Try 'Hot Chocolate' Nail colour & Lip Dual's 'Hot For Chocolate')
Pinks: Pinks look fantastic on fair skin. Sheer, natural shiny pink nails with blue undertones work well. Natural pinks with a slight gold shimmer also enhance this skin tone. Dusty roses with or without shimmer are good but stay away from hot pink polish as it overpowers fair skin .

Medium skin: 
 Dark reds are most flattering. Blue-reds brighten medium skin with a yellow undertone. Brown and reds will soften and look warm on medium skin.  
(Try 'Passion' Nail Colour & Lip Dual's 'Love That Red')
Browns: Stick to taupe's and rich caramel shades, medium brown with yellow or pink undertones, and creamy coffee colour browns can work too. Metallic browns in these varying shades can also be very flattering.   (Try 'Supermodel' Nail Colour & Lip Dual's Catwalk Queen)  
Pinks: Rich and deep pinks look best on medium skin but light pinks also enhance and flatter medium skins.  Cream is much more successful than metallic with these shades of pink. (Try 'Three Times A Lady' Nail Colour & Lip Dual's 'In The Nude')
Brown/Black skin   
 Try red with a blue undertone, which are deep and rich.  Metallic works well with this skin tone. Also, mahogany, deep purple, and wine reds are worth trying. Avoid orange and pink reds, as they clash with this skin colour.    (TryBest Seller Nail Colour & Lip Dual's High Profile)
Browns: Almost any shade of brown suits black skin. Sheer and shimmer light browns to a rich, dark, cream deep reds.   (Try 'Passion' Nail Colour & Lip Dual's 'Love That Red') 
Pinks: Soft sheer pinks are very flattering. Hot pinks can really enhance this skin tone. Purple and plum bases also flatter. (Try 'All About Me & Lip Duals Deal With it)
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Remember there aren't any 'set in stone' rules when it comes to choosing the right shade or one that fits with your personality/outfit…So, what I say is: If you like it and find yourself drawn to it or if you look cute in it - THEN WEAR IT!
So now tell me:
1) Do you follow any certain rules when it comes to your nail and lip colour?
2) After reading this, will you try a new shade and if not, why?
Thanks for reading my first blog and don't forget to leave your comments below.