So who's starting to feel festive? Who's dusting down their cocktail dress and killer heels? We're about to enter November which is the beginning of Christmas Madness and so I wanted to share with you my quick trick for transforming your makeup look into any style that you need. It's the 'must have' product from Manchester to Milan and it doesn't cost the earth…

When I first thought up LIP DUAL I remember thinking that we should treat our lips the same way as our nails. I wanted something that could treat, prepare and colour ... but in one product. A plumper, a stain and a lipstick, all in one go. With ten killer shades to match those killer heels my LIP DUAL is the perfect way to create your favourite lip looks, and they can even be matt or sheen. Who wouldn't want the perfect pout for the party season? Here’s a few of my top picks.

The great thing about LIP DUAL is that you can create so many different looks, even by using some of the stronger stains alone and team it with your fave gloss or lip balm, and I guarantee that these will become your staple lip colour wardrobe. It’s the same principle as my nail range … you use a base, a colour and a topcoat. The only difference with my LIP DUAL is that the stain is the base and the lipstick provides that topcoat and colour together, so your choices are endless if you mix and match them. The stain goes on first, and when dry this anchors your colour and then the creamy lipstick goes on top. You can create dramatic, barely nude, just-bitten or even combine to create an Ombre style. Here are a few suggestions.

Using RAVISHING RED or the deeper LOVE THAT RED can create the wonderful glamour of Milan. Remember that a red lip is the focus of your whole face and is impossible to resist. Be seductress or vamp, but do it with style. For a more French Chic effect reach for IN THE NUDE or IMPECCABLE PINK. They are so easy to wear and look so classic that you simply have to have them in your makeup bag. If it’s a flirtatious 'just bitten' look that you want then HOT GOSSIP and HIGH PROFILE are your ‘must have’ festive lip colours. It’s a more effortless look, which I think is definitely the party vibe this season, and remember to concentrate your lipstick more in the inner centre of the lips (after the stain has dried) for a subtle Ombre effect.

Please let me know if you already have a favourite LIP DUAL or technique for applying them in the comments below.

Bye for now,