From a Male Perspective

I first discovered Leighton Denny at a trade show in Manchester many years ago before I started watching him on TV, I was impressed that a guy who is charismatic, knowledgeable and engaging, was making his mark in the beauty industry and this fuelled my ambition and passion about beauty. He has since become an internationally recognised figure with multi award winning products and even an MBE. This northern boy has done good, so I’d like to share with you some of my favourite products from his ranges.

I love Sun Believable Self Tan Mousse in Medium with my birthday coming up and having very little free time, I wanted a high quality tanning product that would give me an instant sun-kissed glow that I could apply the day before to look naturally radiant.

I have tried many self tans over the years, as I'm one of those guys who enjoy having tanned looking skin, even though I never lay and sunbathe in the sun, a bit of colour always instantly makes me look better and feel more confident. I would always recommend exfoliating your skin before applying any form of tanning products and applying a hydrating moisturising cream to drier areas such as the feet, elbows and knees. Thankfully Leighton has thought about this and has created products perfect for these needs with his Scrub Me and Cream Me products.

I have found the perfect solution with this self tan mousse as it is very easy to apply with the supplied double-sided mitt, the guide colour allows me to see where I am applying the tan, and so I am in no danger of missing any areas. I was most impressed by how quickly it was absorbed into the skin with no stickiness or obvious fake tan aroma, allowing me to cover my skin, head to toe and get on with my day and not be worried about marking my clothing and giving me an instant glow.

Within a couple of hours I could begin to see the tan develop and by the end of the day I was a beautiful golden colour. When I woke up the next day the true shade of the tan had developed, which looked natural and with no patchiness. I have continued to apply this self tan mousse every week to maintain the lovely natural golden bronzed colour and have constantly been told how well I am looking.

If I want an even deeper tan I would apply the Accelerate Me body gel a couple of days before to wake up your skins own melanin production, which will allow for an even richer and long lasting tan or you could opt for the Sun Believable in Dark.

I am often required for my make up artistry skills by friends and family, whether that be for a special occasion or a night out, every woman wants to look polished and glamorous. When it comes to lip colour I find so many just don't last very long on the lips. If they do have good staying power then they tend to be very drying. I was excited to try the Lip Dual as the lip stain has a hydrating water base, where as the lip stick is power packed with castor seed oil to moisturise and condition. I chose to test the glamorous metallic berry High Profile shade as my makeup preference for ladies is to go for a strong lip and more natural looking eye, to accentuate the lips. It is an ingenious idea to combine a lip stain and lipstick into one cute yet sophisticated packaging so you can change your look on the go.

For a daytime look I would recommend to wear the lip stain teamed up with a favourite lip balm, to give a dewy fresh ‘just bitten’ appearance and for an evening look go for the rich creamy lipstick to add drama and depth. There are no rules and you can customise your lips however you like. My top tip for an ultra long lasting glamour look, would be combine the two for an intense full colour effect that will last all evening. Everyone I have tried this product on have all said that their lips felt in better condition after using this Lip Dual and would be switching to using this rather than their current favourite brand.

From the moment I saw the LIGHT & DARK Original fragrance launch I have been waiting for a unisex version. I knew instantly I wanted that uniquely designed, high end bottle which looks like it has been carved out of crystal, in pride of place on my dresser. Leighton has surpassed himself by creating two unisex fragrances to compliment the original LIGHT & DARK, which can be cocktailed to create your own bespoke scent. I have chosen LIGHT & DARK Desire a unisex fragrance as who doesn't want to be desired. Right from the initial spritz I have fallen for this multi layered sexy little number, which combines crisp citrus top notes of grapefruit and bergamot balanced with cedar and amber with a sprinkling of nutmeg. I’ve had so many compliments wearing this fragrance and am impressed that one spray can last all day. I will certainly be repurchasing this scent and am looking forward to experiencing its floral inspired sibling, LIGHT & DARK Lively.

I hope you have enjoyed my journey through Leighton's multi-award winning brands and would like to know your favourites and thoughts about those that I have mentioned. Thank you for taking time to read this blog and if you have enjoyed my thoughts and opinions, you can comment below or check out my blog but for now, all the best beauties!

Much love, CJ.