Top Tips to get your feet in shape:


  • Soak your feet with Sole Relief it’s the ideal first step for the perfect pedicure. It cleanses, moisturises and conditions skin and nails, softening dry, hard skin and promoting exfoliation; it’s the perfect preparation for skin smoothing.
  • Try to exfoliate feet once a week with Diamond Sole Mate to cleanse, exfoliate and polish thanks to the diamond particles and mineral salts. It's also packed with essential oils - Lemongrass, May Chang, Avocado Oil, Rice Oil and Peppermint to make feet tingle with freshness. 
  • Use a foot paddle regularly to get rid of dead/hardened skin; try my Smooth Your Sole in circular movements and pay special attention to problem areas such as heels and the ball of foot.  
  • Always make sure you moisturise, especially after bathing, with a hydrating foot cream such as my Sole Pleasure as it is naturally deodorising, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial, leaving feet with a delicious and long-lasting cooling sensation. Deeply nourishing to help even very dry skin feel soft and smooth, it contains a unique ingredient that draws moisture into the skin to prolong softness and smoothness. Green Tea is also added as a powerful antioxidant to promote health and youthful suppleness.
  • For a luxury treat for feet try my Well Healed Foot Mask  with it's Enzyme exfoliating/moisturising action that targets areas of dense, rough and hard skin to promote sleek, super-smooth, sexy heels and soles. It also helps to remove dry, coarse skin and calluses as well as deeply nourishing the skin, leaving feet conditioned and smooth, and helping to improve the appearance of sun damage and age spots.
  • A beautiful night treatment for feet is my Intense Pedicure Oil; a delicious and softening dry oil treatment. Simply spray into the palm of one hand then massage over the heels, soles, cuticles and nails to restore lost moisture and promote softness and suppleness. The oil elieves dryness and tightness in the skin helping it to look and feel smoother and younger. With  Lemongrass, May Chang, Peppermint, Olive, Avocado, Wheat Germ, Sweet Almond and Palm oils, it helps to promote soft, supple, moisturised and healthier looking feet that will feel softer and smoother and look healthier and more attractive. 

Keep your toes nails smooth and shiny...

If you're a fan of the au natural look, then the perfect tool to buff your toenails to a glass-like finish is the Trio Buffer. Simply buff your nails once a month to smooth ridges until you achieve a professional glossy appearance to the nail giving that just manicured look! Alternatively if you want a shiny finish on top of your polish try Crystal Finish Top Coat for a wet look that lasts for weeks!

 Pretty nail colours for toes...

If you want to go for natural tones then make sure you pick a shade with lots of pigment and don't go too close to your natural skin colour. Steer clear of beige, it is not a good look on the toes. I would recommend Crème De La Crème, Starkers or Three Times A Lady. Want a pop of colour? Check out my ‘must have’ shades for toes: I Love Juicy or Viva La Diva.  Fab shades that go well with a tan... Shimmering and frosted tones really enhance your tan and are great for giving the illusion that you are browner than you really are. Check out Sugar and Spice or Diamond Diva  - basically any shade with a shimmer/metallic finish can work!

 Get the shape right...

Firstly you must keep toe nails neat and short; use clippers and cut nails, then file with the Crystal Nail file under the sides so you are rounding the edges to help prevent in-growing toe nails. This is the “Squoval” effect and I feel this is the most flattering and healthy shape for toes.   

Cuticle Care... 

Nails will never look good if the cuticles are in poor condition. Use Remove and Rectify twin action cuticle remover and conditioner to keep them soft and supple, naturally dissolving dry cuticle skin then moisturising to improve softness and suppleness. With a rich blend of fruit AHAs and moisturising oil, it's the gentle way to have beautifully shaped and groomed cuticles. Also, use it with the Hoof Stick once a week to maintain the shape and appearance of your cuticles. 

 Keep your feet in prime condition...

Ideally you should do a pedicure every three to four weeks as this will not only keep you looking well groomed, but can also be beneficial for your feet as, regular pedicures can help to keep the dreaded chiropodist at bay. Most importantly if you haven't got time to do your toe nails yourself make sure you NEVER wear open toe shoes or flip flops with chipped nail polish. Naked toes can look good when buffed to a glass-like finish so it’s much better to quickly remove old polish with Essential Remover and quickly buff and oil them with my Slick Tips!

 If you hate your feet...

People who hate their feet don’t tend to show them but simply doing regular pedicures could change all this. There is no need to hate your feet, just pay a little attention to them and you can have feet to be proud of - imagine what your face or hair would look like if just did nothing to them and hid them away! 

 10 Steps for the 'Fast Track' Pedi

1. Remove all traces of nail polish with a non-acetone remover. 

2. It’s really important that you soften your nails and skin first, put some foot soak into a foot bath and soak for 10 minutes.  

3. Now soften your feet with foot scrub. This will exfoliate, soften and polish even the coarsest of feet leaving them fresh and baby soft.

4. Apply cuticle cream/remover all around the nail area and massage to nourish and moisturise.

5. Remove hard skin from feet using a foot file/paddle in circular movements, paying special attention around the heels.

6. Using a hoof stick gently push back cuticles in tiny circular movements. Gently wipe debris from the nail. Never cut your cuticles.

7. File nails using a Crystal Nail File straight across rounding the corners to help prevent in-growing toe nails.

8. Get rid of those ridges, they are not a good look in any season!  Use 3 way buffer to buff up your toenails for a glass-like finish…fabulous!

9. Say goodbye to cracked cuticles forever by using cuticle oil  – apply and massage in and remember to apply at least three times a week. 

10. Give your feet a hydrating rub with foot lotion and/or massage oil, then apply a nourishing foot mask (or the same lotion/oil, but thickly) and wrap feet in cling film for 5 minutes.

 So tell me…

1) After reading this will you change your foot care routine?

2) Do you already have a 'fail safe' foot routine?  I’d love to hear your tips.

Thanks for reading my blog and please leave your comments below!