When Leighton Denny first appeared on TV he had me intrigued. He popped up and as I watched I soon realised he was different from the normal ‘beauty presenters’.  Here he was, with a wealth of knowledge and a passion for everything he talked about.  I learnt fast and understood more. He was a true expert, a professional and multi-award winning too!  His products weren’t born out of what the latest fad or gimmick was, they were born out of necessity with excellent formulas.  Over the years, I’ve tried and blogged about the majority of Leighton’s products but there are a handful, which I cannot and will not live without, so I thought I’d share my top picks with you:

LD Crystal File

As Leighton says, ‘why have glass, when you can have crystal?’ Leighton’s ‘Crystal Nail File is simply put; the best nail file you will ever own. I am not embarrassed to admit I have about 15 of these bad boys dotting around, as it is the only file I will use on my nails. Also, because it hasn’t got a sharp point, it’s flight friendly and is able to go in hand luggage.  Win.

LD Nail Treatment 

Sticking with the nail care theme, my next nail saviour is the treatment, ‘Renovate & Duplex Buffer - For me, has been a game changer. It has transformed my nails and I’d urge anyone to give it a try. You can use intensively over a two-week period or like me, use it as part of a maintenance nail care regime. Essentially, Renovate is a cream which provides hydration but also protection. Personally, I find the protection element to this treatment is the key. My hands and nails go through a lot and because this protects against environmental and excessive water exposure it means even in the depths of winter, when I see no sunlight, walking dogs in minus temperatures and over washing my hands due to said dogs and a minor OCD, my nails no longer become dry and damaged. 

LD Nail Polish

Thanks to the two products above I’ve been able to showcase my nails at their best. As much as I love bright, in your face shades, I find myself coming back to ‘Supermodel time and time again. It was one of the first nude shades to hit the nail polish world and in my opinion, years on; it’s the most universal. No matter what your skin tone, this colour works, no matter the occasion or outfit. 

LD Tanning

Gone are the days where I have the time to go to the salon for a spray tan every fortnight.  Gone are the days where I have a social life, which even requires a spray tan! But, being the true Geordie I am, I still require the need for a fake tan product in my life. That’s where I rely on ‘Sun Believable Bronze Me.  It's a wash-off gradual tan which doesn’t require any developing time. You know that odd day throughout the year where you have the sudden desire to wear a skirt but stop yourself, as you know your legs resemble Casper’s sister?  Well stop no more; this is great for giving you instant colour. It’s easy to apply, it doesn’t smell and you can build a couple of layers if you want a deeper colour so it’s like a gradual tan but wash off. I also take this on holiday with me; I don’t allow my face or neck to tan so whilst I’m away I use this so my complexion matches my body!

LD Fragrance 

When it comes to fragrance I am very fussy. I was hesitant to try this, as I am so particular with what scent I wear but I was adventurous, stepped out of my comfort zone and found this to be a great fragrance to wear day or night. I must admit, I tend to opt for heady, musky scents, therefore during the day I often skip wearing fragrance as it doesn’t always suit my office job but ‘LIGHT & DARK Original works for any time of day. This is a perfume with an edge, at first it’s somewhat citrus like before you’re hit with a hint of florals and finally a warmth of amber and musk. This has definitely become the go-to scent for me.

LD Lipstick & Stain

There is something about wearing colour on my lips that makes me feel complete and put together. I am a little bit of a lipstick addict; I know what shades I like, I know what formulas I prefer and ‘Lip Duals definitely fit the bill. My favourite shades are ‘Deal With It, a matte, bright, clean pink and Hot Gossip a matte pinkish red which is the perfect all year round shade. I love the formula of the lipsticks as they are rich in anti-oxidants so are really moisturising - even in the matte finishes, which is rare. The stain also has a water based non-drying formula and this is the perfect base to make your look super long lasting or you can wear it on its own for a hint of colour with your favourite lip balm. As there are two products in one it’s the perfect lip product to throw in your handbag or take on holiday with you.  The colour payoff with the Lip Duals is great, I love that the colour you see in the bullet is the colour you get on your lips!

That rounds up my top picks from Leighton’s product ranges; I honestly believe that Leighton’s products are some of the best out there. I’ve lost count how many times I’ve bought products as gifts for people or recommended products to friends and family. I am always keen to champion people who have a genuine passion for something and after reading his best selling auto-biography How I Nailed It made it clear to see that Leighton genuinely cares about what he creates, from the quality of the ingredients used to the presentation boxes they come in! 

Please share your LD ‘top picks’ and ‘cannot live without’ products in the comments below and you can also follow me on Instagram/Twitter: @PetLambOnline or check out my blog: https://petlambonline.wordpress.com.

Thanks and I hope you have enjoyed reading my guest post.

Cat x