Whatever the current nail trends are, the general consensus for bridal nails is pale shades and natural French polish. However, as it is a wedding day you could (or should in my opinion) make that nude nail a little more special! A shimmering nude, with subtle holographic and glitter particles, works well for bridal nails - it gently glistens and compliments an engagement ring beautifully. My >Butterfly Wings is a soft peach shade with a hint of blue shimmer. It’s understated and classic but with a playful twist, it could even be the brides ‘something blue’.  Nail art is a trend that is still going strong and I’ve seen more brides taking a risk with their nails on their big day – again these will mostly be nude shades and a play on French manicures.  For those with stained or discoloured nails and still want to go with a nude look then check out my >Nail Illuminator. it’s a low gloss clear coat that instantly brightens dull and discoloured nails that have been stained by constant nail polish wear, poor health or dehydration. It's an instant nail concealer that brightens and the UV filter prevents discolouration.  Apply two coats for an illuminated uber natural look or use as a base coat to mask any imperfections.   When it comes to wedding day nails it is crucial that the bride keeps her hands in the best condition possible, there isn’t a day when your hands will be of such focus. I always suggest clients start a maintenance regime two months prior to their wedding; weekly exfoliation with a hand scrub and using a nail and cuticle balm/oil once a day is key. It may seem like a lot, but I recommend to moisturise three times a day in the lead up to the wedding, you can thank me later!. 
Brides often say to me that they want look like the best version of themselves for their big day. An airbrushed version if you will! After all, those wedding snaps will stay around for a very long time, and a white dress creates a very stark contrast for a poorly done tan. At-home preparation is key for a flawless tanning base. The skin is the canvas and you want to have the silkiest, smoothest base to work with to allow for a sleek tanning application. You need to treat the skin on the body as you would your face, so recommend a twice weekly exfoliation. My >Sun Believable SCRUB ME is a salt-free scrub formulated with natural walnut shell and Ecuadorian Ivory Palm seed to gently buff away dead skin cells and Acqua Biomin Gem, a unique blend of precious gems, diamond, pearl, turquoise and opal proteins, which increases skins hydration by 24%. Skin is left feeling beautifully smooth and perfectly prepared.  Replenish any lost moisture by moisturising daily in the month building up to a wedding to keep skin hydrated and supple. Just make sure not to moisturise on the day your applying your tan for the wedding – just the typically dry areas of the body like elbows, knees, hands and ankles. This stops the tan from grabbing to the dry skin and creating patches. Try >Sun Believable CREAM ME.
The next step is the shade and application. I would recommend trialling your  tan two weeks prior to the big day to ensure you’re happy with the colour and technique. Wedding tans should be applied two days before the big day, allowing the colour to develop and any touch ups to be completed if necessary.  >Sun Believable TAN ME contains the highest grade, naturally derived DHA, which reacts with amino acids found in the top layers of skin to create a natural sun-less glow. My formula creates a lightweight mousse to lightly coat the skin and is virtually odourless, alcohol free and leaves skin up to 30% more moisturised. Available in two shades; Medium for a sunkissed glow and Dark for a beautifully bronzed effect, this tan glides easily onto the skin for a healthy, natural, lasting tan which develops in just 4 hours.
Do you have any top tips for Bridal beauty? 
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