A good friend of mine asked me yesterday how often I thought that "bloggers" should blog? I said that I only blog when I've got something to say, otherwise I'm sure you'd all get bored pretty quickly, and then I realised that I'd missed a huge anniversary! Two years and three months ago I launched something that really was a labour of love, and is one of my proudest achievements. Anybody guess what it is? Okay, the picture sort of gives it away ... LIGHT & DARK ORIGINAL. 

On 1st August 2014 LIGHT & DARK ORIGINAL, my first fragrance, went on sale and the response was unbelievable. I wanted to make a perfume that combined all of my favourite things and that women would fall in love with. I always knew that I had the best customers in the world but your feedback really touched me. So many of you said that you had finally found a fragrance that felt like it had been "created just for you", and that was exactly what I wanted.

I wanted to make something that was sensual but surprisingly fresh, so I started with mandarin. I always loved them as a kid so it was the first thing that I wanted to smell. Grapefruit stops it smelling too sweet but it's the light touch of pepper that makes it feel special. The flowers that I used were all chosen to make women feel powerful, in control, and alluring ... especially the gardenia, jasmine and rose.

LIGHT & DARK ORIGINAL finishes with an opulent blend of myrrh, patchouli and sandalwood. It adds a mysterious note that is guaranteed to excite your companion. I know I said that it was designed for women but a lot of guys are wearing this as well, so make sure that you hide it from your husband! There are three more fragrances in the LIGHT & DARK family but this one is a sure fire winner.

When I launched LIGHT & DARK ORIGINAL I also launched a Body Wash, a Body Cream and the Solid Perfume Stick with the same fragrance, which you all still love. I never did them with the later scents because the original perfume "cocktails" beautifully with every one. If you haven't tried them then make sure that they're on your Christmas list, especially the Perfume Stick! Did I mention that the Body Cream has festive shimmer?

Leave me a message below if you've already used any of my perfumes, let me know if you've had them stolen by your men, and tell me what fruit was your favourite as a kid.

Bye for now,