A Goddess is a woman that is in the process of learning to know, accept and love herself on all levels; Mind, body & Sprit. She's a woman who, because she focuses on personal growth and self awareness, experiences a life increasing filled with peace, love, joy and passion and of course... Fun! She understands she has the unlimited capacity to make her life anything she wants. A Goddess is inspired to give to those around her out of her sense of gratitude and abundance. The I Am Goddess Collection showcases a range of rich crème colours, featuring duo-chrome & glitter effects to celebrate, empower and inspire women this Autumn/Winter


VENUS DESIRE - Goddess of Beauty lets your nails do the talking with rich, deep, chocolate brown infused with fine rose gold shards for the perfect shimmer finish: Click here to see shade


TELL ME AURORA - Goddess of Sunrise Aurora sparkles in this bejeweled fusion of golden & holographic 

glitters gives a burst of glittering sunshine:Click here to see shade


RADIANT RHEA - Goddess of the Earth is embodied in this rich, glossy mahogany cream finishes to soft metallic red: Click here to see shade


QUEEN HERA - The Queen of Goddesses is embodied in this metallic golden nude that dries to a chrome finish: Click here to see shade


ATHENA DESIRE - Goddess of Wisdom is an unstoppable force with this midnight blue infused with delicate pink, blue and purple shimmer: Click here to see shade


APHRODITE'S LOVE - Goddess of Love will melt the winter chill with this pale olive base injected with a shot of electric purple: Click here to see shade 

Goddess myths are intriguing stories full of love, emotion, passion, and endurance... fingers crossed (excuse the pun) that your Autumn/Winter will be too!  

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So tell me…

1) After reading this, which Goddess best describes you?

2) Do you have a favourite shade, or do you love all of them?