I’m ready to tell you about my new A/W Collection.. THE ROARING 20s

Hello everyone,

Can you believe that the shops are already stocking autumn/winter? No! We've still got plenty of sunshine left and I'm enjoying it for as long as I can! Like myself, most companies are usually one season ahead with their fashion collections and that's why we all seem to launch early. So without further ado, I’m finally ready to tell you about my exciting new LD NAILS A/W COLLECTION which is called the ROARING 20s.

We've still got the same award winning formula that we launched with in 2005, high quality pigments and long-lasting colours, but this time I've drawn inspiration from a period that I love and also added a little platinum to the formula to represent the luxury of this era. The twenties were an age of discovery, of innovation, truly ahead of the time. Most of all though it was a period where women found the freedom to express themselves, and they really went for it. Remember that Chanel was one of the most important designers in the twenties, and she gave us the famous "little black dress". So, what do you need to go with your own "little black dress"? Killer nails of course!  After all, we need a little bit of glamour every day, don't we?

Whoever you want to be, or whomever you want to attract, I've got the perfect nail colour for you in the ROARING 20s NAIL COLLECTION. From subtle to sultry or sparkling to seductive, there's one for every liberated lady. Whether you want to party under the moonlight with MOONSHINE, shake your tail feathers with CRAZY TIMES, make a statement with SPEAK EASY, or be defiant with PROHIBITION, the rich crème colours are perfect for you. With skin nude, precious emerald, vibrant red or slate grey you are guaranteed to set off that "little black dress". But wait, there's more... 

Inspired by the fizzing gin drinks of the twenties you've also got a pure liquid copper that can't fail to impress. LET YOUR HAIR DOWN means that every gesture of your hand will not go unnoticed, so be careful what you're trying to say. If these five still aren't enough for you then you need to try my ultimate topcoat, TINSELTOWN. Violet and holographic glitter explodes in a topcoat firework, which will sparkle until the early hours. Remember, it can be applied on top of the whole collection to create your own signature nail, or if you want more glam and less glitz then try the Dita Von Teese Naked Moon Manicure. She mentions me and the ‘moon manicure’ in her new book, “Your Beauty Mark”, and the Naked Moon is so easy to create that you all have to try it … just click here

So tell me...

1. Will you be adding my ROARING 20s to your wardrobe of nail colour?

2. What are your favourite looks from this enchanting era?

3. Will you experiment with a feature nail or naked moon effect?

Thanks for reading my blog and please leave your comments below!

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