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Be Kind 12ml

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A mantra for our times. An easy to wear, perfect opaque nude, the only accessory you'll need for that fresh tan. Go on, spread some kindness!

Leighton Denny Expert Nails introduces the SUMMER OF LOVE Collection, a low chemical nail polish that doesn’t compromise on performance, and it’s VEGAN with a new wide brush that makes application easier.  An impressive 75% of ingredients are derived from plants that with clever wizardry, replace classical chemicals such as solvents and plasticisers, and whilst some ingredients have been removed, minerals and trace elements have been added to help support nail condition.

1. Apply chosen Leighton Denny base coat to clean nails. 2. Apply two coats of Leighton Denny nail polish. Begin at the centre of your nail, about 5mm from your cuticle. Let the brush bristles fan out slightly for maximum coverage and then push towards to cuticle and then pull back to the free edge and repeat down each side of the nail for full coverage. 3. Apply Leighton Denny topcoat for high shine and maximum longevity. To help prevent premature chipping, make sure you seal the tips of the nails with topcoat. 4. Finish with Miracle Mist to speed up polish drying time and prevent dents and smudges.

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